EE3901/EE5901 Sensor Technologies
Exam preparation
Exam preparation

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College of Science and Engineering, James Cook University
Last updated: 23 May 2022

Exam details

  • Hard copy, paper exam.
  • Two hours duration + 15 minutes reading time.
  • All parts of the subject are examinable.

Formula sheet

The exam includes a formula sheet. Click here to download a copy. You should familiarise yourself with this sheet before the exam so that you know where to find the key equations.

Time management

I write exams on the basis of “1 minute for 1 mark”. For example, if I set 10 marks for a question, then I expect you to spend 10 minutes on that question. Use the marks indicated as a guide to your time management.

There are 100 marks in total in the exam, but you have 120 minutes. The extra 20 minutes gives you a buffer in case you take longer on any particular question.

Types of questions

Most questions are about calculations, derivations, and analysis. These are similar to problems in tutorials and the examples throughout the lecture notes.

There are some short response questions which are more descriptive. You may be asked to discuss or describe some topic. For example, to test your understanding of important concepts, algorithms, sensor types, and circuit designs; or to exercise judgement in recommending an algorithm, sensor type, circuit design, etc for a given scenario. For description questions, dot point answers are perfectly acceptable. I am looking to see your understanding of the topic not whether you can write a perfect essay first try.

Exam preparation

I highly, highly recommend making your own written summary of the course material. The act of going through the notes and writing your own summary is one of the best ways to learn a topic.

Also, please make sure that you can solve all the tutorial questions and example problems from the notes.

Previous exam

Click here to download the 2021 exam.

The exam solution is also available, but it is strongly recommended that you do not look at it until you have tried to solve the exam on your own first.